• pfSense firewall with default install: pfSense (2.4.1-RELEASE 64 bit)
  • pfSense firewall with Snort intrusion prevention system + OpenVPN server. pfSenseOvpn
  • CSF Linux based firewall/router, developed for Control Panel.
  • Squid Proxy server with SquidGuard  URL redirector.

VPN Solutions:

  • pfSense based Site to Site OpenVPN server to connect head offices to branches: SiteASiteB
    Please update the WAN interface IP address and the default gateway at both pfSense server and they should connect up to each other. Currently they have been reset to DHCP.
    So add static IP and new default gateway for the WAN interface.
    Also you need to update the local network IP address too for the routing to work properly. (SiteA and  SiteB cannot contain the same IP address block)
    So for example if SiteA local network 10.0.4.x/24 then SiteB local network should be 10.0.5.x/24 they should not overlap to each other. (basic routing)
    The LAN interface can be changed from the web interface or from the console: Web or console
    Brief setup for site to site VPN is available here:
    If you aren’t sure how to set this up just send us a support email and we will get it sorted for you, see remote sysadmin link here: RemoteSysAdmin

Linux based Name, Mail, Spam Filter servers:

  • Bind / Named name servers.
  • Master – Slave name servers based on Debian with Webmin server.
  • Postfix Mail server with RoundCubeMail Web Client.
  • E.F.A. Spam Filter Gateway for Postfix, Exim or Exchange server.

Linux based Cluster Servers: 

  • Corosync & Pacemaker CentOS based MySQL cluster.

Network Monitoring:

  • Nagios based Linux network monitoring server with SNMP trap daemon.
  • Cacti network monitoring with Threshold, Graph and Weathermap preinstalled.

Software licenses price list: